Certifications and approvals - Underwriters Lab, Canadian Standards Association, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and Mil Spec approvals

Custom Heat Shrink Tubing Printing Design Wire Marker Production

Custom Heat Shrink Printing Labels from Gamma Electronics are useful for multiple things like identification of cables, pipes and bar-coding.

At Gamma Electronics Inc., we have the capabilities to make our own custom designed heat shrinkable wire markers. These wire markers have a very diverse use. They can be used for cable identification, special bar coding or identifying pipes and other apparatus. We can make custom designed wire markers with your very own wire lists or logos. We also offer serialization. Gamma can certify the material to the M/23053/5 CL1&3 material specification. The mark performance meets the stringent requirements of SAE-AS-81531.

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How to Make Your Own Heat Shrink Wire Marker Label?


We have several routes we can go in producing these wire markers. We can offer alpha numeric texts, 2D barcodes,  serialization, and wire lists. We offer cost savings to high volume jobs and quick turn around on jobs you need in a rush because all of our manufacturing is done in-house. A problem associated with inline printing is sorting through the printed kits. This poses a big problem for serialized parts or labels printed from a wire list. We offer our labels in a perforated forma, which means no more sorting. This process saves labor, money and time. No more sorting through kits, just unreel them right off of the spool, pull off the label and you are set to apply the label and shrink with a heat gun.

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