Certifications and approvals - Underwriters Lab, Canadian Standards Association, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and Mil Spec approvals

Heat Shrinkable Wire Markers

Heat Shrink Wire Markers from Gamma Electronics are economic solution for wiring labels and wrap, which are available in different sizes.

MARK™-321 is a 3:1 Shrink Ratio Lightweight Heat Shrink Wire Marker on Perforated Plastic for Easy Marking and Easy Installation

  • Heat Shrink Wire Markers are Compatible with Wintotal™ Software and TYCO Printing Machines.
  • Milspec Compliant Heat Shrink Labels Suitable for Aerospace Wire Markers
  • Drop in Replacement for TYCO TMS and RPS Heat Shrinkable Labels
  • Fluid Resistant Including JP-8 Jet Fuel and Hydraulic Fluid
  • Compatible with Gamma Mark™ One and Gamma Mark™ Two Printing Systems
  • Meets Stringent Mark Performance of MIL-M-81531
  • Material Meets Milspec AMS-DTL-23053/5 CL1 & 3
  • Permanent Identification Sleeve
  • UL and CSA Approved
  • -55°C to 135°C
  • Available in 1/16" to 3" Inner Diameter
  • (Click Here for PDF Spec)


Heat Shrink Wire Markers, Label, Wrap and Printer tube


JET™ is a Light Weight 3:1 Heat Shrinkable Wire Marker Specially Designed for the Aerospace Defense Industry

  • JET™ Heat Shrinkable Markers Meet all of the Same Specifications MARK™-321, except it has an extended Jet Fuel Resistance up to 1,000 Hrs
  • (Click Here for PDF Spec)

Heat shrink wire markings are a cost-effective technique to help with wiring.  How do our products work? Without trying to get too technical here is how we do it:

Heat shrink tubes stop electrical components, which may be subjected to strenuous physical and chemical tests, from passing their suggested temperature.  Connections, terminals, and joints may need strain relief, require safety from scuffs, the sun, diesel, water.

Our tubes come in many different sizes and shapes. Materials are evaluated following its shrinking. We've organized our websites to make it simple to search. We do everything we can to guarantee a painless shopping experience for our Heat Shrink Printers.