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Mil-Spec Heat Shrink Tube Size Reference Guide

M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing Cross Reference AMS DTL

Mil-Spec products, by definition, conform to military specifications, and are chosen for projects where compatibility with these standards is crucial.  The military specification M23053 heat shrink tubing complies with these standards and can be found on our site.  If you are looking for Mil-Spec heat shrink tubing and supplies, we have an extensive selection available on our site, each with benefits.  We also offer PDFs outlining the standards and properties of each product, making it easy to find the appropriate Mil-Spec M23053 heat shrink tubing products for your needs.

Our easy-to-read Mil-Spec heat shrink tubing cross reference makes it simple to find a specific product on our site.  If you have any questions about which AMS DTL 23053 product you need, give us a call at 909-860-1479 or email us at sales@gammaelectronics.net.


  • Gamma Electronics Inc. Produces Various Shrink Tubing Configurations in Compliance with Mil-Spec SAE-AMS-DTL-23053.
  • Cross Reference


M23053/1 CL 1&2 NP Download NP PDF
M23053/4 CL 1 GMT-301ALSR Download GMT-301ALSR PDF
M23053/4 CL 2 GMT-201AL Download GMT-201AL PDF
M23053/4 CL 3 GMT-320AL Download GMT-320AL PDF
M23053/5 CL 1&3 GMT-221 Download GMT-221 PDF
M23053/5 CL 1* (Over Expanded) GMT-421 Download GMT-421 PDF
M23053/5 CL 2 GMT-221(Clear) Download GMT-221(Clear) PDF
M23053/8 KYN-175 Download KYN-175 PDF
M23053/13 VIT-200 Download VIT-200 PDF
M23053/16 GDR-250 Download GDR-250 PDF