Certifications and approvals - Underwriters Lab, Canadian Standards Association, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and Mil Spec approvals

Cable Tie Tags

Gamma Electronics Provides one of the best Cable Tags and Marker Tags. Our Non Shrinkable Labels are made from Mil-Spec Grade Polyolefin.

Cable Tag Marker Tag


Gamma's cable marker tags are ideal for an easy application and removal. They are thin and print ready markers, which makes them a great addition to your assemblies. Available in yellow and white, Cable Tie Tag will easily identify just about any cable you need. A great feature about these Military Grade Label markers are that they are removable, so in case you put the wrong marker tag on the wrong assembly two snips of a cutter takes them right off. Gamma's AMS MIL/AERO non adhesive lined tags are ideal for aircraft of all sorts. The material is a mil-spec grade polyolefin and is flame retardant, solvent, fuel and hydraulic fluid resistant. These tags are highly abrasion resistant and have low out gassing properties. They are easy to print with the GAMMA MARK™ printing systems. Once, you have your label designed and saved in your PC, it is easy to pull up and reprint again and again.

Non Shrinkable Label - Cable Tag, Marker Tie Tags

Key Characteristics

  • Mark Performance Per SAE AS81531 4.6.2 and MIL-STD-202F
  • Easy Installation: Standard Cable Ties
  • High Flame Retardant
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Temp Rating -55⁰ to 135⁰ C
  • Low Out Gassing Properties
  • Hi Melting Temp
  • Still Flexible at Low Temperatures
  • (Click Here for PDF Spec)