Certifications and approvals - Underwriters Lab, Canadian Standards Association, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and Mil Spec approvals

Software and Driver

Gamma is launching its new Gamma Label software and we sure are excited about it. What was key in developing this software is its ease of use. This software can be used with our inline shrink tube printing systems including the BOLT and the MARK-III. The easy to use interface includes the following key features.

  • 1. Simple preformatted label templates
  • 2. Multi-use template for any size label
  • 3. Prints text, barcodes, logo’s, serialization
  • 4. Prints various fonts
  • 5. Prints an underscore option for the number 6 and 9
  • 6. Prints wire lists with associated quantity values in file
  • 7. Prints bold, underline and italics text