RF Compression Connectors

Coaxial Connectors that can be Easily Installed in the Field

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The connectors are compatible with Radio Frequency Systems’ (RFS) and Commscope’s 1/2″ plenum cables in addition to Gamma’s 1/2″ plenum cable (see Plenum Cable Compatibility Table below).

Part Numbers:

4310M-50PLN (4.3-10 male)

4310F-50PLN (4.3-10 female)

NM-50PLN (Type N male)

NF-50PLN (Type N female)

The need for special tooling to strip the cable sheath, cor- rugated metal shield, and polymer spacer to the exact dimensions to match those of the connector, presents a problem for operators in the field seeking an affordable field-termination solution. Gamma Electronics offers af- fordable bulk plenum cable, a cable stripping tool, and RF plenum connectors in a complete “Kit” solution for the most common DAS RF connectors (Type N and 4.3-10) and cable (1/2″ plenum cable).

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Plenum Cable Compatibility

Cable Brand

Part Number

Commscope (Copper Shielded)


Commscope (Aluminum Shielded)


Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)


Gamma Electronics


Compression Connector Materials and Finishing

Connector Type

Type N and 4.3-10

Center Conductor

Phosphor Bronze, Silver Plating




Brass, Ternary Alloy Plating

Other Metal Parts

Brass, Ternary Alloy Plating