Braided Sleeving

A variety of nylon and polyester expandable protective sleeving products, as well as polyester self-closing wraps.

Now Offering Braided Sleeving
Nylon Abrasion Resistant

Nylon Abrasion Resistant Expandable Sleeving

Nylon Hydraulic Fluid Protective Sleeving

Polyester Fray Resistant Braided Sleeving

Polyester Fray Resistant Expandable Sleeving

Polyester high flame retardant sleeving

Polyester High Flame-Retardant Expandable Sleeving

Polyester fluid protective smooth Sleeving

Polyester Protective Sleeve with Fluid Protective Smooth Inner Wall

Polyester self closing Sleeving

Polyester Self Closing Braided Wrap

Polyester self closing textile wrap

Polyester Self Closing Textile Wrap