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GMT-621AL (formerly GMT-621)

Adhesive Lined 6:1 Heat Shrink Tubing

GMT-621 is a heavy duty high shrink ratio heat shrinkable tube.  With a 6:1 shrink ratio, rugged wall and heavy adhesive this heat shrink tube is designed to stand up to some of the most rugged environments. The heavy glue flows nicely and seals like none other. 

  • Substrate Protection Against Moisture
  • Permanent Substrate Sealing
  • Isolation of Wire within Harnesses
  • Splice and Joint Repair
  • Insulation & Strain Relief for Heavy Duty Connections and Wire Terminals
  • Cable & Connector Protection
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Superior Mechanical Protection
  • UV Resistance
  • Weather Resistance for Terminals and Cables
  • Available in Black color only

GMT-621 Heat Shrink Tube Characteristics

  • Operating Temperature -55° To 110° Celsius
  • Minimum Full Recovery 120° Celsius
  • 6:1 Shrink Ratio
  • Available in Black Only

GMT-621 Shrink Tubing Packaging

  • Standard Packaging in 4 FT lengths
  • Cut to Length Pieces are Available Per Request
GMT-621AL Size & Milspec Guide
Gamma Part Number (P/N)Mil-Spec NumberSizeSpool Size in FT

Buy Direct

To purchase, call (909) 860-1479 to speak to a Gamma Sales Representative, or email us at Sales@GammaElectronics.net.

You can also Contact Us about purchasing by clicking on the button below.

Printable Heat Shrink

Gamma’s 3:1 Flat (GMT-321-FLT) Heat Shrink tubing is purposefully flat to make it easier to print on.  After printing it’s a simple to apply, 3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing.  

Cable Organization just got easy.

Heat Shrink Tubing Printers

Customize and print your own Heat Shrinkable labels with a Gamma Thermal Transfer Printer.  Our high quantity printers will easily handle your production needs while delivering quality prints. 

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