Specialty Heat Shrink

                        Heat shrink tubing made for the most specific needs

Heat Shrinkable Tape

Adhesive Lined Crossed-Link Heat Shrinkable Tape

Gas & Diesel Resistant Heat Shrink

Diesel and Aviation Fluid Resistant rated to 150 C

Kynar Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink that Looks Good

This medium wall, adhesive lined heat shrink is manufactured to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing heat shrink on the market.  If you’re in need of heat shrink tubing that above all else you want to look good when applied, then MWAL-NF is your match.

Oozing with Glue

Our Medium Wall, Heavy Glue heat shrink tubing is manufactured with a large amount of glue, so when you need to make sure your heat shrink is truly sealing itself to whatever it has been applied to, MWHG is an excellent choice.  It also has a medium wall, meaning it’s a bit thicker than most of your common heat shrink tubing, giving you a more robust layer of protection.


Chlorinated Polyolefin – 120° C

Fun in the Sun

Our UV20AL is a 3:1 heat shrink tubing with UV resistance that will last 20 years.  It’s great for a number of outdoor applications, and has an adhesive lining to better seal whatever it has been applied to.


Viton™/Flouroelastomer 200° C Abrasion and Fluid Resistant