RF Cable & Connector Weatherproofing

Installs in Seconds, Lasts a Lifetime

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Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Silicone Cold Shrink

The ultimate “set it and forget it” weatherproofing for RF and coaxial connections.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Clear Silicone Cold Shrink

Make inspecting connections easy. Designed specifically for 2-6 and 8-10 AWG wires.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Slide Lock

Slide Lock

Get watertight protection combined with easy re-accessibility to 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10, and Type N connections.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Boot

RF Weatherproof Boot

Get IP68 rated weather protection with the fastest access to your connection possible.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Suppressor Boot

Reduce RF interference while getting IP68 weather protection.

Gamma Magic Tape Roll

Magic Tape

Tape that has no adhesive and magically only adheres to itself.

Gamma RF Cable Weatherproofing Boot

Grounding Kit

Watertight and re-accessible.  Leave the messy butyl at home.

Gamma Silicone Cold Shrink

Tower Utility Knife

Quickly remove Cold Shrink without damaging the cable.

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