How to Install Cold Shrink Tubing

Gamma Cold Shrink Tubing comes in a lot of variations and sizes, but the installation process is essentially the same with each model.  Below are some simple instructions on how to install Gamma Cold Shrink Tubing.

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You can also download these instructions in a PDF format by clicking here.

Cold Shrink large and small

1. Make Sure the Cold Shrink Tubing is Facing the Correct Direction

Start by making sure the cold shrink tubing is facing the right direction.  The cold shrink tubing has a rip cord that will need to be pulled during installation, you want that rip cord to go from the top to the bottom, all the way through the cold shrink tubing.  

Rip Cord through Cold Shrink Tubing

2. Place the Cold Shrink Over the Cable

Put the cable you wish to protect through the cold shrink, before you tighten the cable into place.

3.  Fully Tighten Your Connection into Place

You want the connection fully installed and tightened.  As soon as you install the cold shrink it is intended to be a permanent installation that is only removable by cutting it off.

4.  Move the Cold Shrink Up the Cable & Over the Connection

Move the cold shrink up and over the connection to make sure it fully covers the connection.  You want it in the correct position as soon as you pull the rip cord and remove the cold shrink’s plastic inner core.

5.  Slowly Pull the Rip Cord

As soon as you start to pull the rip cord the perforated plastic core will begin to pull away at the top of the cold shrink tubing.  Where the cold shrink first grabs hold is a crucial step in the installation process.  As the plastic core at the top pulls away you will likely want to slightly adjust the position of the cold shrink so it shrinks down at the right spot.

6.  Continue to Pull the Rip Cord

As soon as the first bit of cold shrink has shrunk down to the spot of your choosing, simply continue to pull the rip cord until the inner plastic core is fully removed from the rubber cold shrink tubing.

7.  You Are Done

Congratulations, you’re done!  You now have IP68 rated weather protection over your connection.

Watch the Step-by-Step Installation Video

Watch our step-by-step video to see just how quick and easy it is to install cold shrink.