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Gamma Slide Locks: A Direct Replacement to the Discontinued 3M Slim Locks

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Cable Protection, RF Weatherproofing, Telecommunications | 0 comments

Can Gamma Slide Locks directly replace (or cross) 3M’s now discontinued Slim Locks?  Yes.

We’ve been getting that question a lot lately and wanted to make the answer easily accessible, (hence the reason for this blog post).  To go a step further we’ve put together a small table below that lists which Gamma Slide Lock models directly replaces the different Slim Lock models.

Gamma Slide Lock

More importantly than Gamma Slide Locks being able to replace slim locks however are the facts that a Gamma Slide Lock is slimmer than a slim lock while also being lighter and easier to install. Gamma Slide Locks are designed to telecom industry standards and have AT&T approval, (CEQ numbers are also listed below), and they excel at weatherproofing with an IP68 rating.

For additional information regarding our Slide Locks please visit our Slide Lock page, where you can learn a number of the reasons that our Slide Lock has become a goto form of RF or tower weatherproofing for the telecom and fixed wireless industries.

Gamma Part Number

Connector/CableAT&T CEQ NumberDiscontinued Slim Lock Model
4.3-10 & 1/2 Inch Standard Coax



7/16 DIN & 1/2 Inch Standard Coax



Gamma Electronics Slide Locks

For additional information regarding our Slide Locks please visit our Slide Lock page.

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