Gamma Electronics’ Data Sheets

SDL-1A-125 Silicone Cold Shrink

SDL-DC-152 Silicone Cold Shrink

SDL-CX-125 Silicone Cold Shrink

SDL-TN-90 Silicone Cold Shrink

SDL-TNS-65 Silicone Cold Shrink

SDL-SMA-60 Silicone Cold Shrink

Clear Cold Shrink

Slide Locks

7/16 DIN Slide Lock

4.3-10 Slide Lock

Type N Slide Lock   

7/16 Din Weatherproofing Boots

4.3-10 Weatherproofing Boots

Type N Weatherproofing Boots

NEX10® & F Connector Weatherproof Boot

2.2-5 Weatherproof Boot

Magic Tape

Tower Utility Knife   (TUK-1)

Adapter Kit

Grounding Kit

EPDM Cold Shrink

FIX-105 Heat Shrinkable Tape

Rugged, Ultra Low Loss, Coaxial Cables

Bulk Cable – Standard – Half Inch

Bulk Cable – Superflex – Half Inch

Bulk Cable – Superflex – Quarter Inch

GDR-250 – Diesel and Aviation Fluid Resistant Heat Shrink

GMT-221M – Medical Polyolefin Flexible Shrink Tubing with a 2:1 Shrink Ratio

GMT-221 – Polyolefin Flexible Shrink Tubing with a 2:1 Shrink Ratio

GMT-321ALSR – Semi-Rigid Encapsulant Lined Heat Shrink Tube

GMT-321AL – Dual Wall, Adhesive Lined, Highly Flexible Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing


GMT-321-FLT – High Performance Marking Sleeve

GMT-421 – Single Wall Polyolefin High Shrink Ratio Tubing

GMT-421AL – Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube

GMT-421ALSR – Semi-Rigid Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink

GMT-621AL – Heavy Duty High Shrink Ratio Heat Shrink

KYN-175 – Clear Highly Flame-Retardant Polyvinvylidene Fluoride

MWAL-NF Medium Wall Adhesive-Lined Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heat Shrink

MWHG Shrink Tube

NP – Neoprene High Temp Heat Shrink

UV-20AL – UV Resistant Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Tubing

VIT-200 – Flexible Viton™ Heat Shrinkable Tube