Gamma Electronics’ Video Gallery

Cable Assembly

How to Use the Gamma Multi-Cable Stripping Tool
Introducing the Multi-Cable Stripping Tool
Multi-Cable Stripping Tool – Key Features
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies by Gamma Electronics
RF Compression Connectors

Cable Identification

Gamma Bolt Heat Shrink Tubing Printer
How to Create a Shrink Tube Label

Cable Protection > Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink vs. Cold Shrink – Which Should You Buy?
How to Use Heat Shrink Tape
How to Use Heat Shrink Tubing

Cable Protection > Miscellaneous

Gamma Tamper Lock
Tower Utility Knife (T.U.K.) from Gamma Electronics

Cable Protection > RF Weatherproofing

Clear Cold Shrink Installation Instructions
Cold Shrink Tubing – Set It and Forget It (15 seconds)
EPDM vs Silicone Cold Shrink: Shrink Ratio Comparison
Grounding Kit
Heat Shrink vs. Cold Shrink – Which Should You Buy?
How to Install Cold Shrink Tubing on an RF Coaxial Cable
Magic Tape (Self-Amalgamating Tape)
RF Weatherproof Boot – 15 Seconds
RF Weatherproof Boots – 30 Seconds
RF Weatherproofing Quick Installation Comparison
Slide Lock – RF Weatherproofing Enclosure (15 seconds)
Slide Lock (30 second)
Suppressor Boot
What is Cold Shrink?